LaGuardia HS Art History
Use these links to access AP Art History online videos for study, review, and enrichment.

Paleolithic bone flute
3 minutes  Paleolithic Ivory flute 2 minutes  Ice Age flute repro start at 1:23 - 5:00  
Singing in Ardy sur Cure, France 1 minute
Clips from "Noise: A Human History" BBC David Hendy
Virtual Tour of the Lascaux Caves
Female Figure (aka Venus of Willendorf) 4 minutes
Secrets of Stonehenge
53 minutes (requires Channel Thirteen Membership Passport)

Ancient Egypt:
Sample clips of what Ancient Egyptian music may have sounded like
Read About Ancient Egyptian Music

Riddles of the Great Sphinx
54 minutes
Building Pharoahs Chariot 52 minutes (requires Channel Thirteen Membership Passport)

Ancient Mesopotamia:
Listen to A Sumerian Hymn Written 3,400 Years Ago
Victory Stele of Naram-Sin 4 minutes
Law Code Stele of Hammurabi 3 minutes
Neo-Babylon city 3D animated re-creation 3 minutes

Ancient Aegean:
Links to Smart History Ancient Aegean

Ancient Greece:
Ancient Greek Music
Links to Smart History Ancient Greece
New York Kouros 10 min.
Exekias, Attic black figure amphora with Ajax and Achilles playing a game 7 minutes
Bronze casting 10 minutes
Secrets of the Parthenon 52 minutes
Sculpture from the Parthenon's East Pediment 5 minutes
Parthenon Frieze 5 minutes
The Parthenon: Metopes 7 minutes
Erechtheion: Caryatid and Column 4 minutes
Polykleitos, Doryphoros 5 minutes
After Praxiteles, Venus (Roman Copy) 10 minutes
Hellenistic, Dying Gaul 3 minutes
Pergamon Altar 9 minutes
Nike of Samothrace 3 minutes
Apollonius's Boxer at Rest 4 minutes
Hellenistic Art at the Metropolitan: Eros Sleeping and An Old Market Woman 5 minutes

Links to Smart History Etruscan Art

Ancient Rome:
Roman Catacomb Mystery 53 minutes
Links to Smart History Ancient Rome
A virtual reconstruction of Ancient Rome 14 minutes
Herculaneum Uncovered 54 minutes
Temple-of Portunus 3 minutes
Ara Pacis Augustae 11 minutes
Augustus of Primaporta, 1st century C.E. (Vatican Museums) 10 minutes
Colosseum 8 minutes
Column of Trajan 5 minutes
Pantheon 8 minutes
Arch of Titus 5 minutes
Column of Trajan 5 minutes
Hadrian's Villa: A Virtual Tour 8 minutes
Medea Sarcophagus, 140 - 150 C.E. 5 minutes
Equestrian Sculpture of Marcus Aurelius 4 minutes
Arch of Constantine 11 minutes
Roman City 55 minutes

Medieval and Byzantine:
Intro to Byzantine 5 minutes
Links to Smart History Early Christian
San Vitale and links to Smart History Byzantine 10 minutes
The Animated Bayeux Tapestry 4minutes
Building the Great Cathedrals
53 minutes
Cathedral 55 minutes

Great Cathedral Mystery Brunelleschi's Il Duomo 52 minutes
Brunelleschi's Dome
6 minutes
Mystery of a Masterpiece Leonardo da Vinci 52 minutes
Secrets of the Dead: Michelangelo Revealed 53 minutes
Museum Secrets: Michelangelo 2-3 minute videos, various topics
Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour
Mannerism and Modernism 11 minutes
El Greco to Velázquez: Art during the Reign of Philip III 27 minutes

Sister Wendy Three Golden Ages 30 minutes
Rembrandt and Printmaking 6 minutes
Rembrandt Etching   7minutes
The Etching Process 3 minutes
Judith Leyster
5 minutes
Vermeer Woman Holding a Balance 6 minutes
Vermeer Young Woman with a Water Pitcher 5 minutes
Vermeer The Art of Painting 5 minutes
Rachel Ruysch 4 minutes

18th Century
Death of General Wolfe 8 minutes
Oath of the Horatii
30 minutes

Beyond the European Tradition:
Links to Smart History Islamic Tradition
Emperor Qin's Army 54 minutes
4 Buddhas 10 minutes
Buddha of Medicine Bhaishajyaguru (Yaoshi fo) 5 minutes
Bodhisattva from China 8 minutes
Japan, Muromachi to Momoyama period Negoro ware ewer 7 minutes
Cracking the Mayan Code 53 minutes
Ghosts of Machu Picchu 53 minutes

Online presentations: The Americas

20th and 21st Century:

Cezanne Biography 56 minutes
Marcel Duchamp, In Advance of the Broken Arm, 1964 10 minutes
Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter 85 minutes
Frank Lloyd Wright 10 minutes
Bauhaus Documentary (on YouTube) 49 minutes
U-Ram-Choe YouTube 2 minutes
Theo Jansen YouTube 8 minutes
William Kentridge 53 minutes
William Kentridge on His Process YouTube 3 minutes
Bill Viola The Greeting compare to Pontormo's Mannerist Visitation 1514-1516
Bill Viola sample of video work
Eve Sussman: 89 Seconds at Alcázar (video not very clear, let Ms. Lombardi know if you find a better one)

Study and Review

Animated review videos:

Egypt in 6 minutes animation

Greece and Rome in 7 minutes animation

Ancient Rome 3D Reconstruction in 13 minutes animation

Medieval and Byzantine art in 5 minutes animation

The Renaissance in 10 minutes animation

Baroque and Rococo in 9 minutes animation

19th Century Art in 9 minutes animation

20th Century Art in 8 minutes animation

A Brief History of Representing the Body in Western Sculpture  8 minutes

A Brief History of Representing the Body in Western Sculpture  8 minutes

Art and Context 10 minutes

Art Historical Analysis of Painting 10 minutes

A Brief History of Religion in Art 5 minutes