WRITE an essay on religious images as indicated by instructions below
    Use your texts, the library, and online resources. Cite your sources in the essay, include a works cited page. mla citation style
*    See
original works of art from the required 250 list.

1)  Metropolitan Museum of Art    82nd Street & Fifth Avenue
Student ID card = free admission (you will still get a receipt, if you ask)
2)  The Cloisters (Branch of MMA) Art of the Middle Ages. Go with friends, the park is sometimes somewhat secluded.
Open everyday 9:30 - 4:45.  Closed Thanksgiving Day   Pay What you Wish.  Student ID card = free admission.                
BUS #4 on Madison Avenue marked "Cloisters - Fort Tryon Park."  Get off at last stop, which is right in front of entrance.
By CAR:  Henry Hudson Parkway north to first exit after George Washington Bridge.           

100 pts. FORMAT OF THIS REPORT: All pages should be double spaced and have your name at top.
1. Title Page with receipts and photos of yourself as directed, from MMA & Cloisters. (10 pts) Include your name, your teacher's name, and class period.
2. Your worksheet, completed while in each museum. (40 pts.)
3. Essay (50pts.) Topic: Images for religious use, one from each museum as directed. Include full ID for both pieces. May count as a quiz grade.
4. Works Cited page (points included in essay grade) Page of resources where you got your information, sometimes called Bibliography, use your textbooks.
Essay: The visual representation of deities and holy personages is a feature of religious beliefs and practices throughout the world. Select and fully identify two examples of representations of deities or holy personages, in any medium, from two different cultures. Using specific visual evidence, analyze each work in relation to the religious beliefs and practices within its culture. The first one must be either 66. Merode Altarpiece or 95. The Virgin of Guadalupe, the other is to be chosen from 182, 184, 195, 202, 216, or 217, see list below. See rubric for grading essay

66. Annunciation Triptych (Merode Altarpiece)
95. The Virgin of Guadalupe
Answer the essay question using one example from above (#66 or #95) and one chosen from the list below:
182. Buddha, Bamiyan (essayimagevideoadditional resources 12)
184. Jowo Rinpoche, enshrined in the Jokhang Temple (essayimagesadditional resources)
195. Longmen caves (essayvideoimagesadditional resources)
202. Shiva as Lord of Dance (Nataraja) (essayimageadditional resources)
216. Staff god (essayimagesadditional resources)
217. Female deity from Nukuoro (essayimagesadditional resources 12, 3)

This question asks students to use specific visual evidence to analyze representations of deities or holy personages. They must understand that a deity is a supernatural immortal being considered sacred, such as a god or goddess in a polytheistic religion. A holy person is one who is considered divine or sacred and, in some cases, capable of miraculous actions. Holy personages might include historical founders of religions, ancestors, priests, church leaders or divine rulers.

Tips from AP Essay Readers:

  • Read the question carefully.  Focus on the question's requirements.
  • Written responses that directly answer the question in an organized and articulate way will receive higher scores than those that simply list characteristics.
  • Think of art in terms of its historical context: it's important to be able to connect works to their art historical periods.
  • Use the vocabulary of art history (descriptive, technical) and rhetorical devices appropriate to the subject. 

Three Tasks for this essay:
1. Select and fully identify two appropriate representations from two different cultures, as described above.
2. Use specific visual evidence to analyze each representation's relationship to the religious beliefs of the culture from which it comes.
3. Use specific visual evidence to analyze each representation's relationship to the religious practices of the culture from which it comes.

"A  Short Guide to Writing About Art" by Sylvan Barnet.        

SUGGESTED BACKGROUND READINGS   (Note:  Our two textbooks are "Survey" texts.  They have limited information on specific subjects.  To improve your essay, and add to your bibliography, you need to do additional research.)
*  Hauser:  SOCIAL HISTORY OF ART, VOL. I, Chapter 3  (On Reserve in School Library)
*  MMA Bulletins - Ask in Uris Library at MMA (Ground floor) where a librarian will be glad to help you find information on object you have selected.
*  "A  Short Guide to Writing About Art" by Sylvan Barnet.     
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