The AP Development Committee is concerned about the overuse of Egyptian and Ancient Near East examples for the essay question that asks students to discuss art beyond the European tradition. To address this issue, the committee will add the following statement to the Course Description beginning 2010: "One of the 30-minute essay questions requires students to incorporate at least one example of art beyond the European tradition into their essays. Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East are fully covered in the multiple-choice questions in Part I and the short-answer essays in Part II of the exam. The intent of this essay question is to draw from areas such as Africa (beyond ancient Egypt), the Americas, Asia, Islamic cultures, and Oceania."

Cultures from Beyond the European Tradition
Western Civilization and the European Tradition
Africa Ancient Near East, Mesopotamia, cradle of Western Civilization (do not use for long essay question example)
China, Japan, Korea, and South-East Asia Ancient Aegean, Ancient Greece
Egypt (do not use for long essay question example) Etruscan and Ancient Rome
India Europe, UK
Islam United States
North and South Native American